HIST 120 Assignments

Participation/Attendance (150 points)

Participation is vital to your success in this course. You are expected to attend all course meetings and to come to class prepared. That is, you should have completed the assigned reading, have it with you in class, and be prepared to participate actively in class discussion through comments and questions. You can also earn participation credit in a variety of ways outside of class: attending supplemental instruction sessions; visiting office hours; and asking questions via email or Twitter. Each student is granted five absences for personal reasons (illness, family or transportation emergency, etc.). If you think you will miss more than one class period in a row, please contact me to make arrangements. In cases of extended family or medical emergencies, you should also contact the Dean of Students, who can help you navigate the process of verifying your absence and contact professors on your behalf. NOTE: Absence from more than 30% of class meetings without documentation will be grounds for failure of the course.

Online Skills Modules (50 points)

Each student is required to complete five skills modules developed by the History Department to improve student preparation in introductory history courses. The modules, which are available online, consist of a brief a video tutorial and slide show. The course schedule includes a listing of when each module is due. On the scheduled date, there will be an in-class quiz. You are required to view the modules and take the quizzes even if you have already been assigned them in a previous course.

Reading Journal (100 points)

During the semester each student will keep a journal of reflections related to course readings. Students should make an entry for each date on which reading is assigned. You can find instructions and questions on the course website.

Papers (450 points total)

At the conclusion of each unit, you will write an essay that requires you to answer an assigned question using the major autobiography for the unit and other assigned sources. Each essay will be due via online submission by 11:59 pm on the assigned date.

  • Unit 1 (Beals – 75 points), 500 words, due Monday, Oct. 15 (Section 01F) or Tuesday, Oct. 16 (Section 002)
  • Unit 2 (Douglass – 150 points), 800–1,000 words, due Wednesday, Nov. 7 (Section 01F) or Thursday, Nov. 8 (Section 002)
  • Unit 3 (Franklin – 225 points), 1,000–1,200 words, due Monday, Dec. 10 (Section 01F) or Tuesday, Dec. 11 (Section 002)

Final Exam (150 points)

The final will be an essay exam using the three major autobiographies and class discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of autobiographies as historical sources.

Foundations Seminar (100 points)

For those students enrolled in Section 01F, you are enrolled in a Foundations Seminar linked to this course. Your active participation in the Foundations Seminar and all affiliated activities is an important part of your first-semester experience at FSU. Your facilitator, peer mentor, and classmates are excellent resources for any questions and/or problems you confront this semester. See your Foundations syllabus for details about how this component of your grade will be determined.

Required Texts

Melba Pattillo Beals, Warriors Don’t Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock Central High School, reprint ed. (New York: Washington Square Press, 1995). [NOTE: Do not buy the abridged edition.] ISBN: 978-0671866396

Joyce Chaplin, ed., Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2012). ISBN: 978-0393935615

Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself (Boston, 1845; Mineola, NY: Dover Thrift Publications, 1995). ISBN: 978-0486284996

Grading Scale

Section 01F Section 002
A 940-1000 846-900
A- 900-939 810-845
B+ 870-899 783-809
B 830-869 747-782
B- 800-829 720-746
C+ 770-799 693-719
C 730-769 657-692
C- 700-729 630-656
D+ 670-699 603-629
D 630-669 567-602
D- 600-629 540-566
F 0-599 0-539