HIST 120 Assignments

  1. Participation/Attendance (150 points)
Participation is vital to your success in this course. You are expected to attend all course meetings and to come to class prepared. That is, you should have completed the assigned reading, have it with you in class, and be prepared to participate actively in class discussion through comments and questions. You will lose credit for participation after five absences, except in documented cases for extended family or medical emergencies. NOTE: Absence from more than 30% of class meetings without documentation will be grounds for failure of the course.
  1. Reading Responses (50 points)

For each unit, you will be required to write a short (250-300 words) response reflecting on a question or prompt distributed in advance and due on the dates noted in the schedule of course meetings.

  1. Papers (600 points total)

At the conclusion of each unit, you will write a paper that requires you to answer an assigned question using the major autobiography for the unit and other assigned sources.

  • Unit 1 (Coates – 100 points), 500 words, due Thursday, September 29.
  • Unit 2 (Rowlandson – 150 points), 800–1,000 words, due Thursday, October 20.
  • Unit 3 (Franklin – 150 points), 1,000–1,200 words, due Monday, November 7.
  • Unit 4 (Douglass – 200 points), 1,000–1,200 words, due Monday, December 5.
  1. Final Exam (100 points)

The final will be a brief essay exam using the four major autobiographies and class discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of autobiographies as historical sources.

    1. Foundations Seminar (100 points)

For those students enrolled in Section 01F, you are enrolled in a Foundations Seminar linked to this course. Your active participation in the Foundations Seminar and all affiliated activities is an important part of your first-semester experience at FSU. Your facilitator, peer mentor, and classmates are excellent resources for any questions and/or problems you confront this semester. See your Foundations syllabus for details about how this component of your grade will be determined.

A guide to how point totals correspond to letter grades is available on the course Blackboard site.

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