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HIST 120 Course Schedule

Last updated: October 30, 2017

Introduction: Thinking Like a Historian

Topic Reading Assignment
Thurs., Sept. 7 Introduction: Who Tells Your Story?
Tues., Sept. 12 How do historians work?
Thurs., Sept. 14 What is an autobiography?
  • Workshop Module: How to a Read Primary Source (Blackboard)

Unit 1: Experiencing the Civil Rights Movement

Topic Reading Assignment
Tues., Sept. 19 The Civil Rights Movement in the United States The American Yawp, ch. 26 (The Affluent Society)

Thurs., Sept. 21 Brown v. Board of Education and the Fight Against Segregation Beals, Warriors Don’t Cry, Introduction (xix-xxiii), chapters 1-6 (pp. 1-65)
Tues., Sept. 26 The Little Rock Nine I Beals, Warriors Don’t Cry, chapters 7-16 (pp. 66-175)
Thurs., Sept. 28 The Little Rock Nine II Beals, Warriors Don’t Cry, chapters 17-21 (pp. 176-230)
Tues., Oct. 3 The Little Rock Nine III Beals, Warriors Don’t Cry, chapters 22-28 (pp.231-312)
Thurs., Oct. 5 Other Perspectives on Little Rock
  • Orval Faubus interview, “The Mike Wallace Interview,” September 15, 1957 [Transcript]
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower, National Address, September 24, 1957 [Transcript]
  • [In Class] New York Times coverage
    • “U.S. Troops Enforce Peace in Little Rock as Nine Negroes Return to Classes,” Sept. 26, 1957
    • “Students Accept Negroes Calmly,” September 26, 1957
Tues., Oct. 10 Laboratory Day: Little Rock and Civil Rights
  • Workshop Module: Writing About History in Your Own Words
  • Bring your laptop to class

Unit 2: Slavery and Freedom in Antebellum America


Topic Reading Assignment
Thurs., Oct. 12 Slavery and Freedom in Antebellum America The American Yawp, ch. 11 (The Cotton Revolution)

Tues., Oct. 17 The Abolition Movement The American Yawp, ch. 10 (Religion and Reform)

Thurs., Oct. 19 Frederick Douglass and a Life in Slavery Douglass, Narrative of the Life, preface, letter, chs. 1-7  Paper 1 due
Tues., Oct. 24 “How a Slave Was Made a Man” Douglass, Narrative of the Life, chs. 8-12
Thurs., Oct. 26 Douglass as Abolitionist Politician Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” July 5, 1852
  • Workshop Module: Writing an Effective History Paper (Blackboard)
Tues., Oct. 31 Douglass as Abolitionist Publisher  North Star (Rochester, NY), excerpts TBA
  • Workshop Module: Chicago Manual of Style (Blackboard)
Thurs., Nov. 2 Writing Laboratory Day
  • Bring laptop/Douglass to class
Tues., Nov. 7 Writing Laboratory Day
  • Bring full draft of Paper 2 to class

Unit 3: The First American?

Topic Reading Assignment
Thurs., Nov. 9 The Worlds of Benjamin Franklin The American Yawp, ch. 4 (Colonial Society)

Paper 2 due
Tues., Nov. 14 Boston, London, and Philadelphia I Franklin, Autobiography, Parts I-II
Thurs., Nov. 16 Boston, London, and Philadelphia II Frankin, Autobiography, Parts III-IV
Tues., Nov. 21 Primary Source Research
  • Excerpts on “Wealth,” Chaplin, ed., Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, 237-54
  • Workshop Module: Understanding Secondary Sources (Blackboard)
  • Bring your laptop to class
Thus., Nov. 23 NO CLASS – Thanksgiving Day
Tues., Nov. 28 Thinking about Franklin All students will read from Chaplin:

  • Michael Warner, “Franklin: The Representational Politics of the Man of Letters,” 357-83

Each student will read one of the following in Chaplin (assigned on Tues., Nov. 21):

  • I.B. Cohen, “Franklin and Science,” 336-43
  • David Levin, “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: The Puritan Experimenter in Life and Art,” 343-57
  • Peter Stallybrass, “Benjamin Franklin: Printed Collections and Erasable Writing,” 383-94
Thurs., Nov. 30 Research Day Bring your laptop to class
Tues., Dec. 5 Research/Writing Day Bring your laptop to class
Thurs., Dec. 7 Peer Editing Bring full draft of Paper 3 to class

Conclusion: Autobiographies and History

Topic Reading Assignment
Tues., Dec. 12 Diane Bjorklund, Interpreting the Self: Two Hundred Years of American Autobiography (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998), ch. 2. (Blackboard) Final draft of Paper 3 due
Thurs., Dec. 14 What is an autobiography? Bring all three autobiographies to class
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