Online Resources

This page is meant as a guide to resources on early America, the early modern Atlantic world, and the history of media. Each of the archives has deep resources in these fields. The websites and databases are almost entirely open access and contain a wealth of resources. I plan to update this page as I come across new items.

American Antiquarian Society (Worcester, MA)

American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, PA)

David Library of the American Revolution (Washington Crossing, PA)

Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Houghton Library, Harvard University Libraries (Cambridge, MA)

Library Company of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)

Library of Congress (Washington, DC)

New-York Historical Society (New York, NY)

Printing Trade
British Book Trade Index

Atlas of the Rhode Island Book Trade in the Eighteenth Century (Rhode Island Historical Society)

19th century American Children’s Book Trade Database (American Antiquarian Society)

Political Affiliations of Early American Newspapers (at Publick Occurrences 2.0)

French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe, 1769-1794 (University of Leeds)


Digital Humanities
Mapping the Republic of Letters (Stanford University)

Journalism’s Voyage West (Stanford University)

Transatlantic Slave Trade Database (Emory University)

U.S. Post Office Expansion (Derek Watkins)


Databases with Primary Sources
Papers of Benjamin Franklin

American Memory, sponsored by the Library of Congress

Virginia Gazette (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)

Archives of Maryland Online (Maryland State Archives)

American Archives (Northern Illinois University)


Statistical Databases

Historical Census Browser (University of Virginia Libraries)


Common-Place: A Common Place, An Uncommon Voice

Last updated: November 1, 2012