HIST 250 Course Schedule

Please note that the schedule is subject to change based on weather or other external factors as well as our progress through the semester.

Week Topics and Readings Assignments (due Sunday, 4pm unless noted)
1 Weds., Jan. 21 Introduction: Why base a course on Benjamin Franklin?
2 Mon., Jan. 26 Understanding Franklin and Introducing Primary Sources

Reading: Rampolla, 1-15; Franklin, Autobiography, Part I, 27-85

Weds., Jan. 28 Franklin’s World and Introducing Secondary Sources

Reading: Rampolla, 15-21; Simon P. Newman, “Benjamin Franklin and the Leather-Apron Men: The Politics of Class in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia,” Journal of American Studies 43, no. 2 (2009): 161-75; W. Caleb McDaniel, “How to Read for History” (2008)


Mon., Feb. 2 Understanding Franklin
Reading: Franklin, Autobiography, 85-171

Weds., Feb. 4 The Eighteenth Century Online
Reading: Rampolla, 77-97; Browse Papers of Benjamin Franklin Online, Early American Imprints, America’s Historical Newspapers

Mon., Feb. 9 Conducting Research
Reading: Rampolla, 77-93
Weds., Feb. 11 Placing Franklin in Context
Reading: Three articles from The Atlantic World of Print in the Age of Franklin, special issue of Early American Studies, vol. 8, no. 1 (Winter 2010)
Mon., Feb. 16 NO CLASS – Presidents’ Day
Weds., Feb 18 Franklin: Alternative Takes
Reading: David Waldstreicher, “Capitalism, Slavery, and Benjamin Franklin’s American Revolution,” in The Economy of Early America: Historical Perspectives and New Directions, ed. Cathy Matson (University Park, Pa., 2001), 183-217; Jennifer Jordan Baker, “Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and the Credibility of Personality,” Early American Literature 35, no. 3 (2000): 274-93
Mon., Feb. 23 Designing a Research Paper
Reading: Rampolla, 49-67
Weds., Feb. 25 Documentation
Reading: Rampola, 111-49 (browse)
Updated annotated bibliography with additional sources
Mon., Mar. 2 Conferences
Weds., Mar. 4 Conferences
Mon., Mar. 9 Plagiarism
Reading: Rampolla, 98-105
Weds., Mar. 11 The Writing Process
Reading: Rampolla, 93-98
5-page research prospectus
Mar. 16-20 NO CLASS – Spring Break
Work on paper outline
Mon., Mar. 23 Working with Primary Sources
Reading: Rampolla, 106-13; Bring a primary sources to class that you’ve had trouble analyzing/understanding
Weds., Mar. 25 Working with Primary Sources
Reading: Bring a primary sources to class that you’ve had trouble analyzing/understanding
Detailed outline
Mon., Mar. 30 Conferences
Weds., Apr. 1 Conferences
Introduction and at least five body paragraphs
Mon., Apr. 6 Writing Skills
Reading: TBA
Weds., Apr. 8 Writing Skills
Reading: TBA
Five additional body paragraphs
Mon., Apr. 13 Revision
Reading: Rampolla, 67-76
Weds., Apr. 15 Peer Review Day
Reading: Assigned paper draft
Due Friday, April 10: First draft
Mon., Apr. 20 NO CLASS – Patriot’s Day
Weds., Apr. 22 Conferences
Due Monday, Apr. 20: Self-assessment, response to peer review, plan for revisions
Mon., Apr. 27 Oral Presentations
Weds., Apr. 29 Oral Presentations
Due Wednesday, April 29: Final draft of paper

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