Unit Essays

For each unit of the course, you will write an essay of 300-500 words that responds to the main questions for each unit. The questions and due dates (by 11:59 p.m.) are:

  • Unit 1 (due Wednesday, September 25): What did the Pilgrims and Puritans want to accomplish in North America? Did they succeed?
  • Unit 2 (due Wednesday, October 16): How did European colonies in the Americas develop an economy with race-based slavery at its core?
  • Unit 3 (due Monday, November 18): Why did the United States declare independence? In what ways did the meaning of independence differ among Americans?
  • Unit 4 (due Wednesday, December 11): Why did Southern states secede to protect slavery after the election of 1860? Why didn’t Northern states let them go?

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In your essay, you should offer an answer to the question supported by evidence from the unit. That means:

  • You should include references (and quotations) to course materials, including at least four readings from the unit.
  • You should cite your sources. You may use any format you prefer, but you should be consistent and clear about where you find your evidence. (Note: the word count does not include citations.)
  • You should not use any outside materials. The essay is an opportunity to assess your work during the unit, and does not require any research.
  • The essay should represent your own work. You are welcome (encouraged!) to talk to the instructor and/or to seek assistance through CASA, but you should not work with classmates on the assignment.