HSTY 111 Course Schedule

NOTE: All dates and assignments are subject to change. Please be aware of any announcements made in class or via the course website.

Last updated: August 31, 2020

Date Format Topic Read to Prepare for Class Do to Prepare for Class
Fri., Sept. 4 Zoom Introduction to the Course

Unit 1: Contacts and Colonies

Date Format Topic Read to Prepare for Class Do to Prepare for Class
Tue., Sep. 8 Zoom The Indigenous Americas American Yawp, ch. 1

During class:

Chapter quiz; Module on secondary sources
Fri., Sep. 11 Remote Colliding Cultures American Yawp, ch. 2 Chapter quiz; Module on primary sources
Tue., Sep. 15 Zoom Cultural Encounters Journal entry
Fri., Sep. 18 Remote Becoming British America American Yawp, ch. 3 Chapter quiz; Module on Writing in Your Own Words
Tue., Sep. 22 Zoom Imperial Growing Pains Journal entry
Fri., Sep. 25 Remote The Maturing Colonies American Yawp, ch. 4 Chapter quiz; Module on Writing Effective History Papers
Tue., Sep. 29 Zoom Society and Culture in Colonial America Journal entry

Unit 2: American Revolutions

Date Format Topic Read to Prepare for Class Do to Prepare for Class
Fri., Oct. 2 Remote The Imperial Crisis and Independence American Yawp, ch. 5 Chapter quiz
Tue., Oct. 6 Zoom A War for Independence Newspaper exercise due; Journal entry
Fri., Oct. 9 Remote New Politics for a New Nation
  • American Yawp, ch. 6
  • Dunbar, Never Caught, xv–xvii, 3–32
Chapter quiz
Tue., Oct. 13 Zoom Creating a Republic Journal entry
Fri., Oct. 16 Remote An Empire for Liberty?
  • American Yawp, ch. 7
  • Dunbar, Never Caught, 75–98
Chapter quiz
Tue., Oct. 20 Zoom The Meaning of Independence Journal entry
Fri., Oct. 23 Remote Revolutions: Markets, Transportation, Communication
  • American Yawp, ch. 8
  • Dunbar, Never Caught, 135–70
Chapter quiz
Tue., Oct. 27 Zoom Uncovering Marginalized Voices Journal entry
Fri., Oct. 30 Remote The Age of Jackson? American Yawp, ch. 9 Chapter quiz
Tue., Nov. 3 Zoom Democracy for Some Journal entry

Unit 3: A Growing and Divided Nation

Date Format Topic Read to Prepare for Class Do to Prepare for Class
Fri., Nov. 6 Remote Revivals and Reform American Yawp, ch. 10 Chapter quiz
Tue., Nov. 10 Zoom Reform Movements in the Antebellum North Revolutionary era project; Journal entry
Fri., Nov. 13 Remote Cotton and Slavery American Yawp, ch. 11 Chapter quiz
Tue., Nov. 17 Zoom Manifest Destiny Chapter quiz; Journal entry
Fri., Nov. 20 Remote Sections Dividing American Yawp, ch. 13 Chapter quiz
Tue., Nov. 24 Zoom The Final Crisis Journal entry
Fri., Nov. 27 No class meeting Thanksgiving Recess
Tue., Dec. 1 Zoom The Civil War American Yawp, ch. 14

During class:

Chapter quiz
Fri., Dec. 4 Remote Reconstruction in America American Yawp, ch. 15 Chapter quiz
Tue., Dec. 8 Zoom A New Birth of Freedom? Journal entry
Fri., Dec. 11 Remote America in 1877 Final exam review: availability on Zoom