Midterm Examination

The midterm examination will cover material through class on Thursday, February 22. During the exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills at analyzing primary sources. The exam will be in three sections:
  1. A primary source we have worked with in class;
  2. An image/visual evidence from class;
  3. A primary source you haven’t seen before.
For each section, you will answer a set of questions that assess your comprehension and ability to interpret the source. Keep in mind the important elements of primary sources, including the context (who wrote it, when and under what circumstances, etc.), and how each source fits into the historical time periods we’ve been discussing.
Each section will be worth 50 points, for 150 points total, and you will have two options for each section. You may use any notes as well as the textbooks for this exam.

Topics of Focus

  • Encounters between Europeans and Native Americans
  • Introduction of slavery in North America
  • Patterns of settlement in the southern and New England colonies
  • Religion and religious practice